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Artifying Programs

The Direction of Arts and Culture (DAC) at the Vice-Presidency of Research UC, in its commitment to the development of arts and culture, integrates the Artifying programs into three lines of practice: Artifying your Neighborhood, Artifying your Home, and Artifying the UC. Through these community engagement programs, DAC contributes to bringing the arts experience closer to people.

Check out the activities carried out in the Artifying Programs on the Spanish [ES] version of the website.

Artifying the UC

Starting in 2012, the UC Artifica Arts Festival was held on the UC Campus, whose mission was to bring performing arts to the meeting with the university community. On all Campus, including the Villarrica Campus, the most varied programming was presented that included student initiatives, results of academic research and, on some occasions, external guests, becoming the most important window of the performing arts of the university. Artifica UC flooded the lunch module with arts for one month a year. The Festival was suspended during the pandemic but returned as Artifica tu casa, a new way to accompany all members of the UC Community with the arts in their theoretical version

Artifying your Neighborhood

In its attempt to democratize access to the arts, Artifying your Neighborhood has the mission of disseminating the artistic creation and practice that takes place at the University in open spaces for the general public.

Artifying your Home

Committed to bringing people closer to the arts and culture, Artifying your Home provides the public with a series of discussions featuring prominent figures from various artistic disciplines.