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Arts, Technologies, Sciences and Humanities Arts Funding (ArTeCiH)

The Arts, Technologies, Science and Humanities arts funding aims to fund projects focused on generating knowledge through interdisciplinary collaboration between various disciplines and the arts.

The Direction of Arts and Culture of the Vice-Presidency for Research UC presents a program geared to the integration of arts, technologies, sciences, and humanities in line with the current trends in university activities and the belief that different academic disciplines should intersect and complement each other to enrich the pursuit of knowledge boundaries, it seeks to create projects that challenge boundaries and generate spaces of synergy and interdisciplinary permeability. It maintains that proyects inspired by mutual collaboration can develop new forms of creation, with a broad, diverse, and provocative perspective on the relationship between the arts, technologies, sciences, and humanities.


  • event_available

    Opening date

    June 26 of 2024

  • event_busy

    End date

    October 27 of 2024

  • description


    Diciembre 2024

  • attach_money

    Maximum amount

    $4.000.000- máximo para Línea 1 (Publicación académica) y $5.000.000.- máximo para Línea 2 (Obra artística)



Sofía Gómez

(+56) 95504 9267