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Creation and Arts culture Arts Funding (CCA)

The CCA funding is a program geared to disciplinary creation and research. It has three lines of application. The Research-Creation line aims to promote academic projects that lead to an artistic work, encompassing the entire creative process: research for creation, production, and exhibition of the work. It also funds projects that result in an article, book, etc. The Basic Research line, on the other hand, encourages the development of academic publications, exhibition catalogs, essays, books, and book chapters dedicated to subjects related to the arts, culture, and artistic heritage. The InterArts line seeks to promote interdisciplinary work that involves the integration of two or more artistic disciplines, resulting in an artistic work.


  • event_available

    Opening date

    January 1 of 2023

  • event_busy

    End date

    January 16 of 2024

  • description


    Marzo 2023

  • attach_money

    Maximum amount

    $4.000.000 (línea Investigación) - $4.500.000 (línea Creación) - $5.000.000 (línea InterArtes)



Cecilia Velasco


(+56) 95504 1877