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Alejandro Guarello – Artistic Creation Award 2013

Alejandro Guarello is a graduate in Musical Composition from the University of Chile. He has served as an academic at the UC Institute of Music since 1981, and he was its director from 2006 to 2012. He has undertaken 13 projects in academic management and music promotion (1991-2007) and 13 projects in musical composition (1990-2010), in addition to recording 18 works (1978-2004). He has 40 publications in Chilean journals.

In addition to his academic and research work in contemporary music, Guarello has been involved in various outreach activities, such as the Contemporary Music Festival, and he has been the President of the Chilean Society of Copyright since 2009. Throughout his career as a composer, he has received 11 national and international awards, including the Altazor Prize, and has cataloged 71 works.

The recognition, awarded by the Direction of Arts and Culture of the Vice Presidency of Research, was decided by a jury composed of National Prize winners Juan Pablo Izquierdo, Óscar Hahn, Juan Radrigán, and Fernando González, as well as writer Álvaro Bisama. This year, it was presented to two prominent figures: academics Alejandro Guarello from the Institute of Music and Mike Wilson from the Faculty of Arts.

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More information about applying for this award can be found here.