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Mónica Bengoa – Artistic Creation Award 2012

The academic from the School of Art has received the prestigious award aimed at recognizing artistic creation by academics from various faculties associated with the arts, whose work represents a contribution to the promotion of the arts in the country.

A jury composed of Guillermo Marshall, Juan Larraín, Miryam Singer, Daniela Rosenfeld, and the National Art Prize winner Gonzalo Díaz, selected Mónica Bengoa as the first recipient of this award.

“The artistic work of Mónica Bengoa speaks for itself: it showcases a successful artistic career on both a national and international scale,” said the Vice President of Research, Juan Larraín.

The winner has participated in the Biennials of Porto Alegre, Belgium, and Venice. She has held solo exhibitions in New York, Madrid, El Paso, and group exhibitions in Essex, The Hague, Seoul, Sydney, and numerous other cities around the world. Her work has been recognized for its excellence, strength, versatility, and constant exploration of new languages of representation.

You are invited to learn more in the following video:

Realización Audiovisual: Mónica Bengoa


More information about applying for this award can be found here.