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Rodrigo Cádiz– Artistic Creation Award 2019

Rodrigo Cádiz is being honored for his prolific career as a composer, in which he has created music for various instruments and formats. The academic and researcher is recognized for his contributions to the development of Chilean music.

Professor Rodrigo Cádiz is a distinguished composer of contemporary music and an electrical civil engineer from the Pontifical Catholic University of Chile. He serves as a faculty member at the Institute of Music and the School of Engineering, and as of this year, he holds the position of Full Professor at the university.

Throughout his career as a composer, Professor Cádiz has written over 60 compositions for orchestras, chamber ensembles, solo instruments, voice, and even for computers and robots. His work spans various formats and areas, including symphonic, instrumental, electroacoustic, computational, and mixed music. Some of his compositions have received support from our Creation and Artistic Culture grant program. His curiosity and creativity know no bounds.

Professor Cádiz is a pioneer and a leading figure in the field of electroacoustic music in Chile and Latin America, earning recognition from his peers and critics. He is also the driving force behind the UC Electroacoustic Music Festival, which has been showcasing top artists in this genre since 2015.

His discography includes eight albums available in physical formats, as well as on online platforms like Spotify, iTunes, and Amazon Music. Additionally, Rodrigo Cádiz represents the interdisciplinary professional of the future as the creator of the innovative Arcontinuo instrument, which combines his expertise in music and engineering.

The jury for the eighth edition of the UC Artistic Creation Award was chaired by the Prorector, Guillermo Marshall, and included singer and National Prize for Musical Arts recipient, Carmen Luisa Letelier; architect and President of the Chilean Architects Association, Humberto Eliash; filmmaker Silvio Caiozzi, Vice President for Research Pedro Bouchon, and Director of Arts and Culture, Miryam Singer. The jury also acknowledged the work of Andrea Chignoli, a faculty member in the Faculty of Communications.

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